Support, encouragement and reassurance
Karina & baby Charlie

Amanda was an amazing midwife, and without doubt contributed to my confidence in the pregnancy and birth experience. Her experience really shone through, and I was always confident that I was in safe hands. Amanda provided excellent support in both pregnancy and

during the birth. In pregnancy, one of the things...

Support with absolute superb style!
Jay Kelly

Amanda was the best thing that happened to me during my surrogate pregnancy. Gushy testimonial, I know...

But when it comes to writing a testimonial about a midwife, if she's really worth writing about, it can't help be filled with lovey dovey stuff. I couldn't have had

anyone better to look after me...

Time to find my zone
Elizabeth, Paul & baby Grace

We were lucky enough to have Amanda support us during pregnancy, throughout the birth and after our little girl was born. From the moment we met I knew I could trust Amanda, and I felt she immediately understood what was important to us. She took the

time to get to know us as a couple and offered...

Information I couldn't find in books
Lucinda Warnes

Amanda’s support throughout my pregnancies and birth was one of the best things I ever did.  She entered my house a midwife and left a friend. After starting my pregnancy with NHS midwives I found myself lacking individual support. What a joy to...

My birth plan was followed in every way and I laboured for a long time in the pool without pain

relief, something I could never have done without Amanda’s support and belief in me.



The calming reassurance and advice from Amanda

all the way through made the whole experience so much more relaxed.



For the next six weeks Amanda was there helping every day at first, then less often after we were getting on track with everything, but whenever I needed help or had any questions she was only a phone call or a text away. I found this aftercare extraordinary!

Cannot thank Amanda our midwife enough! Xxx



From the minute I spoke to Amanda at seven weeks pregnant I knew we were on the same page and both wanted the same thing, a successful happy home birth. Not only was she supportive of my ideas but took time to come to see my consultants and try to rationalize with them regarding my plan of action.



Convenient Continuity
Bailey Warner

Doctors surgeries, inconvenient times, rushing from work, waiting for an appointment that never seems to come, then feeling rushed, not listened to...