Dear Amanda; thank you so much for being our doula and sharing in the birth of our son. You really gave us the confidence and positivity to have the birthing experience we wanted and as Graeme said ‘a lot less scared’ with you being there. Thank you for your love and warmth and for holding my hand and being there for my husband so that he could really be there for me. Thank you again, so happy that we found you.


George, Graeme & Samual

We hired Amanda as our doula as well as our hypnobirthing instructor. I chose Amanda as this was my third child and I had had a previous pregnancy and birth which were a bit traumatic. I wanted to have her with me as she is so experienced and can answer so many questions which helped provide me with comfort throughout my pregnancy and labour. As a hypnobirthing instructor Amanda was wonderful!. As a doula I found Amanda’s caring intuitive manner invaluable. She helped me prepare for my labour and then was a constant reassuring presence throughout my labour and birth.

Afterwards it was very useful to chat about the whole journey, I cannot thank Amanda enough. For these reasons and many others, I highly recommend Amanda as a doula and a hypnobirthing instructor.



Amanda, thanks for being such a calm and wonderful help during the birth of our little boy and for all your help and advice afterwards. It meant a lot to be able to have our calm home birth.


Laura, Jeremy & Raife

Here are a few accounts from my previous clients. Should you wish to speak directly to any of the families, they are more than happy to further share their experiences and answer any questions you may have.
I love to hear your stories, so please send them in!
Doulala Hypnobirthing Story
Katie, Leo & baby Joseph 
A calming and reassuring influence

We got in touch with Amanda to do hypnobirthing and she came to our  house to do one to one sessions - it totally changed my attitude to birth. I was so scared before meeting Amanda and she gave us so much more than a hypnobirthing experience - she became our doula! 

She was there for us  every step of the way and was 100% reassuring when we kept getting different twists and turns in our journey. I needed a ventouse at the end and I started to panic, but she was the calming reassuring influence I needed - I think without her there I would have gone into a terrible state of panic at that point, as the doctors didn’t really break it to  me gently! Would I have a doula if I have another baby? Yes – having a doula makes it a personal experience where you can ask questions related to your own personal story and anxieties. A doula focuses on just you, there is a  consistent person, voice, expert there for you to call upon to help you  birth in the way you want to - and a doula from my experience seems to  promote calmer birthing. I can’t sing Amanda’s praises highly enough - she is everything you would  want in a doula - not only warm, kind, genuine and caring but highly  knowledgeable, years and years of experience (she seems to have seen everything and every sort of birth) and honest. I like to be told the  truth about situations and her honesty was refreshing and made me trust  her more. She has done more than we could have asked for in terms of  support, always at the end of the phone and no questions seem silly or stupid enough to ask... and she always has the answer and extra bits of advice. Leo thinks Amanda was the best thing for us and our birth, and she 100% changed our experience. We weren’t sure whether to splash out on the  money to have her, and we both say it was the best thing we ever did.