Here are some honest testimonials and accounts (no editing) of some hypnobirthing experiences: some home, some hospital, some with interventions. Thanks to all the mums, dads and babies for sharing
their thoughts and stories. If you would like to share yours, get in touch.
Doulala Hypnobirthing Story
Hypnobirth skills in a very new way!
Kirsty, Drighlington

The reason I remembered today is that I have used my hypnobirth skills in a very new way today. My sister went into labour mid morning today and I gave my mum a lift to her house at 12.00 for her to watch her toddler as my sister had opted for a home birth. When I got there her husband was in a bit of a state of panic.

She had called her midwife and been told she would be 30 minutes until she could get to her and told her to have a bath. I found her in the bath scared and she said she needed to push and that it was burning, I stayed so calm and got her feet onto each side of the bath and her head was already coming. We called for paramedics as I felt if the midwife wasn't going to make it and that we would need some back up. I called her husband up to join us and within a few minutes I talked him through what was going to happen and talked him through catching baby and putting her onto her chest which he did really well. I dried her off and wrapped them up with towels. Then the bath water turned really red and I could not tell if it was a lot of blood or not as it was mixed with the water, so I got baby to feed and Lorna hand-expressed on the other side to try to get the bleeding to calm. Baby was 15 minutes old when the paramedics arrived and the midwife followed about 10 minutes later. Mum and baby are perfectly fine, albeit a little shocked. I surprised myself how calm I was and how much the hypnobirth techniques kicked in and I could talk her through things. Thank you so much for all of the skills you taught us. Amelia's birth was the most amazing experience for us and today I feel that the outcome could have been very different if I had not been able to step in and known what was happening whilst being so calm. I will be recommending hypnobirthing even more now! Two very different experiences but both so magical and rewarding. Kirsty xx 

Amanda's hypnobirthing course was quite honestly outstanding. Knowing absolutely nothing about

birth, we also took part on NHS classes and the NCT signature courses. Out of the three, hypnobirthing

was easily the most useful and comprehensive preparation we did.


Lisa and Andy, Ilkley

Amanda is a fantastic teacher. She made us feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Most importantly, she gave us the tools to bring our beautiful daughter into the world in the most calm, natural way possible.


Simon and Sharon, Ilkley

Amanda is a true credit to her profession; she gave

me the confidence and knowledge I and my husband needed for when I had my little boy. If you are at all unsure or nervous Amanda has a very calming effect and helps you understand what to expect during labour and giving birth and how to trust your body during this time. Even though my birth ended in a C-section the hypnobirthing helped me remain calm and in control and gave me the confidence to speak up when I felt I needed to. I used the breathing and self-hypnosis techniques throughout, they really do help. I don't think I could have managed without hypnobirthing and what Amanda had taught me. If you are unsure about hypnobirthing I would highly recommended everyone to try this. I can't thank Amanda enough.


Sarah, Leeds

I would recommend [hypnobirthing] to all mums,

dads and babies. It kept me positive all the way

through. This programme is amazing and all women need to know about it!


Fiona and baby George